Actual useful info from Wendy Williams

Just heard this the other day and forgot about it until today and just had to immediately post on it since I have not seen this info on any other major sports blog.

Wendy Williams (for those of you who don't know) is an African-American radio personality mainly popular in the New York market but can be heard nationally. Her schtick is having all the inside information on the juiciest celebrity gossip (mostly focusing on black celebrities) which she dispenses liberally during her syndicated radio spots. As a source of information she is semi-credible, but has been known to have been the first to air out a few major rumors that turned out to be true.

Anyway I happened to be listening to the local radio station the other day when her spot came on and I was tuning her out as usual when she mentioned the name of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor. She sent shouts out to his family during the holiday season, especially in light of what she claimed to be the behind the scene story of how the whole home invasion incident came about.

Apparently Taylor has a sister who also resided at his home in Miami. The sister loved to brag around town about her famous brother and his wealth, even throwing a lavish party at the house while Taylor was out of town. This supposedly is how the four suspects that have been charged in the case came to know about the location Taylor's house and decided they might benefit from robbing it.

Interesting to me because if this is true it just validates what everyone who was supposed to be closest to the man has been saying. He'd been in some trouble in the past but was in the process of changing his life around. A lot of initial media coverage took the tone of "the cocks coming home to roost". From this account it would seem that this incident was not a result of any action he took, direct or indirect, just a very unfortunate set of circumstances and an admonishment to people in all walks of life to be cautious of who you socialize with.

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