"Red Soxed Up"?

So back to where I left off . . . today while working at my second job as a pizza delivery driver I was listening to some sports radio show (I think it was the Fox Sports radio network) when I heard one of the co-hosts use the term "totally Red Soxed up" in reference to the effort given by some NFL team playing today that dug down an gutted out a win in a game they really needed. Honestly I don't really remember the context in which this phrase was used because I immediately focused on the Red Soxed up part, but I remember how it was used in that context (if that makes sense). The other co-hosts response to this analogy was to agree and say that "oh yeah, the other team totally Yankeed up".

Wow. I think I know now what the Sports Guy means when he says that the Red Sox winning the Series made him feel like he was in some sort of Bizzaro world. I mean I've never been a big fan of either particular team but in the world I grew up in the Yankees were the big bullies who always won and the Sox were just one of their favorite victims. Has the Sox recent success not only propelled them out of the role of lovable victim but made their name synonomous with coming thru in the clutch thanks to supreme effort? Amazing. But beware Red Sox Nation of becoming bigger douchbags than the bullies who used to pick on you.

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