Packers get poked by them 'Boys

Did not play nearly physical enough with these fucks. (R)Homo was consistently able to just drop back and go thru his full progression of receivers. Does KGB really make that much of a difference?! Well shit I guess he's worth the money a lot of Packer fans are bitchin about that he makes. I guess Charles Woodson makes that much of a difference too. Al Harris had a most unusal poor performance. Usually he is a gamer when the stakes is high . . .but not this time. I think maybe he got caught up in trying to help out the rest of the young secondary. The obviously botched call at the beginning of the game when he out wrestled T.O. for a pass and the referees claimed forward progress was stopped had to fuck him up for a minute.

Another observation: is Jerry Jones the most powerful man in the NFL or what? I think Roger Goodell answers to him behind closed doors. I mean he comes out to the sideline and all of the sudden the refs are doing things like blatanly mis-spotting the ball by a full yard or more on important downs and calling phantom pass interference penalties after "consulting" for a couple of minutes after the play is over.

What hurts me most is the thought that if it was a conspiracy, how could the leauge choose Dallas over the Packers? We are the flagship team of this leauge, the only publicly owned franchise in professional sports. We have America's Sweetheart, Brett Favre (Romo quickly closing the gap). We have the most NFL championships in history. If you want to tip the field do it for us! Fuck that larger market shit.

But on the alright side we are still 10-2, and who knows Dallas could still lose 2 more games this season and the Pack run the table the rest of the way.

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