A good ending to a sacred day

Of course it was only a good day because my team, the Green Bay Packers, won. My condolences to the fans of the Bears, Jaguars, Broncos, Dolphins, Raiders, Giants, Chiefs, and every other team that lost today. I know it's still a good day, but it could have been a lot better if so and so could run his way out of a paper bag. If my Packers hadn't have won it would have still been a sacred day for me, but not as good. I'm the kind of fan who hates it so much when my team loses that it ruins my appreciation for any other NFL action on display on any given Sunday. I'm salty for the rest of the day wondering why my team can't run the ball like that or how did New England get lucky with some young guy out of nowhere and we hired this dumbfuck. But the Pack pulled it out, Farve even came with some old-school Brett plays circa '97, so I was able to fully enjoy this one of the most sacred of days. It's just something about opening day of the NFL. There's no comparison, not even MLB's opening day (opening day in the NBA please bearly a blip late in the football season. The NBA is always that nice annual surprise that you remember about after the Super Bowl when you happily seek a sports fix.)

But there is something sacred about this day that just feels different. Who decided that professional football games would be played on Sunday? It just seems like there's something about that that is very appropriate. It's days like today when I most identify with the football writers and whatnot who always insist that the game of football is an analogy of life: how we all struggle individually, yet together as a team we work towards a common goal, the nobility how men constantly test and exceed their limits, and the triumph of acheiving what everybody told you was impossible. Nothing could ruin this day for the true fan Vick, and steroids, and drunk driving linebackers be damned. The only thing that matters is we got some fired up guys flying around the field on tv again and a socially acceptable excuse to drink excessivley in public places. Good times.

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