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Looks like that NBA hall of famer/Chesire cat impersonator Isiah Thomas might be in a little bit of trouble. The sources of the trouble are Thomas' alleged actions which are being publically aired during the hearing regarding the lawsuit bought against Thomas by Anucha Browne Sanders, a former Knicks executive and college basketball star at Northwestern. The suit, which by now is old news that I'm sure you've heard about, basically accuses Thomas of sexual harrassment and creating a hostile working environment by constantly referring to Brown as either "bitch" or "ho". TrueHoop by way of ESPN has the latest developments.
Today Isiah's buddy Stephon Marbury (all up in the news lately?!) took the stand to offer his interpretation of the facts and ended up sticking his reasonably priced athletic shoes in his mouth again:
Nervous Knicks star Stephon Marbury took the stand today in the explosive $10 million sex-harassment suit that's rocking the Garden and admitted he lured one of the female accuser's subordinates into his car.
Marbury did not say explicitly they had sex as they sat parked outside a Manhattan strip joint, as fired Knick exec Anucha Browne Sanders has claimed.
"We got together right across the street," Marbury testified in Manhattan Federal court.
"Anucha, if it was anyone else I would have walked away," the intern said, according to Browne Sanders. "I felt like I had to."
Wiping away tears, Browne Sanders added, "She basically did whatever he asked her to do. She considered it to be consensual because she agreed to get in the car."
Marbury said he did not know that the intern, who was at the strip club celebrating her birthday with friends, was drunk during their encounter in April 2005. He was prevented from getting into the salacious details by the judge.
Ummm, yeah doesn't look like Starbury helped out his boss too much with that one. But this case could potentially get a lot bigger. From the details that are coming out it's starting to look like the Knicks daily operations are run by two big ole' pimps.

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