While You Were Avoiding Michael Vick Stories. . .

An article by ESPN's Jemele Hill reminded me of some obscure, not as well known stories that have not received a whole lot of attention in the media because of mainstream (mostly white) America's fascination with turning Michael Vick into the new O.J. And because this is supposed to be more than just a sports blog I would feel remiss if I didn't try to cast more attention on them.

One of the stories that she mentions is the disappearance of Stepha Henry. Stepha Henry is an attractive 22-year old recent college graduate from NY who went missing during a Memorial Day weekend trip to Miami that was to celebrate her younger sister's 16th birthday. She was last seen getting into a vehicle with a man on her way to a popular Miami nightspot. This story has received a good deal of national attention, the story of her disappearance has been highlighted by MSNBC and America's Most Wanted among others, but has failed to generate the kind of publicity that other similar well known cases have like say for instance, Chandra Levy or Natalee Holloway (who for the record just happen to be white). There are a lot of areas of this case that would probably be looked into a lot more closely if it were receiving the kind of scrutiny those other cases I mentioned did. Let's hope that eventually it will and before it's too late for Stepha.

Another story that needs scrutiny by the media, especially these days in this society, is the case of the "Jena Six" in Jena, LA. Website 'While Seated' has a good summary of the facts of this case. In a nutshell six black high school students have been brought up on various charges including conspiracy to commit murder for responding to racial harrasment (including physically violent confrontations) they experienced for trying to put an end to some of the segregation era traditions at the school they attend. This story really does a lot to illustrate how prejudice and racism are still very alive and well in this country, particulary in Louisiana. If you think this viewpoint has no validity, you need to read up on it.

Also forget the mainstream (white) national media, where are our own leaders and media outlets on this???!!! Everyone from BET to the NAACP has issued public statements regarding Vick but I haven't heard a peep about Jena, LA. I'm starting to feel what Jason Whitlock has been saying.

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