Time for some more 'Quickie' style

Seems like there's suddenly a lot going on in the sports related world this week so once again I must adopt the writing style of the old 'Daily Quickie' column that used to appear on ESPN.com written by Dan Shanhoff . (one of my favorite blog sites too)

Latrell Sprewell's yacht gets repossessed. See!!! He did need the money!!! Seriously I've always liked Spree as a player, coach choking aside. Being from the same city and remembering the great Milwaukee Washington High basketball team he was on I've always had a soft spot for him as he managed to get drafted out of Alabama (same year as Bob Horry) as a defensive specialist. From all accounts except for ESPN's Chris Sheridan he's a nice enough guy so I hope he hasn't squandered all his NBA earnings. But I understand he does have his own car street racing business.

Jerome Bettis admits to faking an injury, in Steelers training camp in 2001 in his new book. Hmmm wonder what his former teammates think about that. I think it's what Bettis probably meant it to be: an intriguing anectdote.

The 53 dogs seized in the Michael Vick case are on a deadline to be put to sleep!!?? and the people from PETA are in approval of it. I may not be in sync with the popular opinion but isn't this a tad bit hypocritical?

"There's no dispute over who owns the dogs," said Daphna Nachminovitch, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. "Obviously this is not going to be a process where someone steps forward and says, 'This is my dog, can I have her back, please?' "

"These dogs are a ticking time bomb," she said. "Rehabilitating fighting dogs is not in the cards. It's widely accepted that euthanasia is the most humane thing for them."

So basically PETA is in favor of doing the same thing to these dogs that Vick & Co. would have supposedly done if say they had failed to perform well enough to win fights? Where's all the compassion for these animals that supposedly led to such strong outrage when these charges were revealed? Would Vick be looked upon more kindly if he had been 'euthanizing' the dogs in a humane way instead of apparently torturing them to death?

The idiot Sonics co-owner who spilled the beans on the current owners real intentions gets fined 250 g's by the NBA. Could this be a sign that Stern is not going to let Clay Bennett slip thru the cracks even though he's still dealing with the fallout from the Donaghy scandal? I for one think it would set a good precendent with NBA fans if the commish stepped in and basically forced a deal to be made.

Tyler Donovan will start at QB for Wisconsin. I think Bielema made a good choice here. Atheletic junior Allen Everidge (transfer from K. State) might be more successful in the long run but Donovan is a fifth-year senior who has paid his dues and performed well in spot duty. He's an accurate passer with better-than-you-think mobility. I think he will happily surprise a lot of people this season.

I'm starting to come around seriously believing/hoping in the Brewers season. I actually was anxious watching their loss to Arizona last night where the Brewers had control until the 7th. This is such an unusual feeling Milwaukeeans aren't used to being in the middle of a heated pennant race. I'm hesitant to get emotionally involved and yet as a loyal Wisconsin sports fan feel I must, but if we go on another 8 game losing streak I'm going to be disgusted.

Speculation on the possibility of Mike Holmgren replacing Bob Harlan as team chairman. Not coach and chairman, just chairman. That might be a real good fit as Holmgren has always been a pretty good judge of talent.

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