It's About Time

The first preseason USA Today/ESPN coaches poll is out and the Wisconsin Badgers are ranked seventh. Good shit. It's about time we get some respect (even the majority of sports blogdome ignores UW athletics). Now we just have to back it up. No unecessary losses to overmatched opponents who win cuz they were more hyped up. And no late season losses just when we get near the top of the polls (Wisconsin doesn't get enough respect nationally to ever be considered for a no. 1 ranking). Though if we have to lose once or twice I would prefer it be in the beginning of the season. That would still give us time to make up ground by running the table thru the Big Ten schedule. Like many writers have said, that's what really makes college football so popular. If you want to play for a national championship you can't lose more than 2 games, and really 1 is pushing it. If you do lose 2 or 3 games you better hope it's early in the season and that your team can go on a streak in their conference schedule that strengthens their case in the voters eyes. Also you need to at least enter the season ranked or you don't have a chance, season's not long enough for that kind of climb in the polls. So right now Wisconsin is starting off on the right foot, to be continued . . .

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