Green Bay Packers 2007: A New Hope? Starring A.J. Hawk as Luke, Aaron Rodger as Hans Solo, and Brett Farve as Obi Wan Kenobi

I kind of didn't post on the Packers preseason win last week on purpose for a number of reasons. First for the purpose of the sports posts on this blog I am adopting the persona of 'Mr. Wolf' in 'Pulp Fiction' who while I wouldn't necassarily charachterize as a pessimist, he's the kind of guy who never counts his chickens before he fries them up and eats them.

As such Mr. Wolf says hey it's only the preseason, wait til it counts to get excited. So the kid Rodgers finally had a decent game, it's about time. Let me know when he has a great game. Besides he was the only real bright spot besides them winning the game. The offense as a whole still sputtered and the secondary continued to give up big plays. They did manage to win but so what? We need to see some progress not continually hear about the potential to gel.

The game this week was one Mr. Wolf could sit down and watch while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The first team offense seemed to be clicking right away. I was particulary encouraged by the running of Brandon Jackson and the blocking of the offensive line which seemed to be in pretty good sync. For once the defense made big plays instead of giving them up. A.J. Hawk's play stood out and gave the Wolf a little hope that his high draft status last year would yet be justified. Aaron Rodgers looked like he took another step in the right direction in his development as a player. The Wolf is beginning to be able to see the leadership abilities Rodgers showed at Cal coming out a little, at least with the second team. Yes it's only the preseason but we're a little short on wins lately so we'll take it. Who knows how many more we'll get.

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