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Got a lot of thoughts on sports issues running thru my mind that would take too long to post seperately, so instead I decided to bless you guys with a 'Quickie Style' post (the technique of which I am biting off of the author of one of my favorite blogs, Dan Shanoff). Reading the Daily Quickie was really how I got hooked on ESPN.com, it became something that I had to look at everyday (especially after big Wisconsin wins). I really appreciated it after it was discontinued because I've found that the site just seems a little boring now (A.M. Jump does not have shit on the Quickie). So here I go quickie style, but it will take you longer than 2 minutes to read this:

Latest Brewers doings.
They outlasted the Mets last night. Tom Glavine was all set to record win number 300, but the Brewers had their minds set on breaking out of their latest losing streak. Geoff Jenkins hits the walkoff homerun in the 13th hmm . . . possibly we should not trade him after all. Besides he looks almost exactly like Brett Farve, so fans would revolt. Update after losing horribly last night the Brew crew is out of first place (Cubs fans predictions coming true, arrrgggh!!!)

Bill Walsh dies.
Great football mind. From all accounts great man. Thanks for prepping Holmgren before he came to Green Bay.

Larry Donaghy scandal.
This was really big when it broke, but I think it is now being eclipsed in the media with their coverage on Michael Vick. Just out of curiosity I wonder if just the races of the accused in these cases were reversed, would the media coverage be any different? Rednecks feel free to enlighten me.

Michael Vick scandal.
Forget about what color his skin might be, the dog in him, and his notable defenicies as a quarterback for a second and look at him as just a football player. If you are a true sports fan (or just NFL) you have to admit if he goes to jail (looks more and more like he will) this will go down as one of the one of the all time examples of a star professional athelete whose career was over way before it's time. He may not be able to read defenses but he is (was?) still arguably the most exciting player in the league, the most unpredictable X-factor for any team. And one day people will just remember him like they remember Kordell Stewart.

Kevin Garnett and Boston Celtics together in the same sentence.
Talk about the belly of the beast for an African-American. But I think someone of Garnett's charachter will be ok playing in Boston. Paul Pierce has been doing it alright. The other facet to this story is how this puts the East on top. Shaq and Wade, Lebron and the Lebrons? (whatever), Rip and Chauncy, Kidd and VC, Dwight and Rashard Lewis, Eddie and Zach, GA and Caron, and now KG, Ray Ray, and The Truth? I can't wait for the All-Star game, which should be a lot more exciting this year.

Skip Prosser passes.
Great coach by all accounts. Hard to maintain a high profile basketball program in a state dominated by Carolina and Duke but he did it at Wake Forest with a mixture of good recruiting and solid coaching.

Colts to release Corey Simon.
Where the hell has this guy been??!! Are we ever going to find out how this guy went from Pro Bowler, one of the top 3 defensive players in the leauge to becoming the Howard Hughes of the NFL?? Anybody?? I bet if dogs were involved the media would be all over it.

Donald Rumsfeld basically says "yeah we covered up the details of Pat Tillman's death. . . so what?" Did the House committee conducting this investigation really expect Rumsfeld to be apologetic or accept responsibility in any way? Please you want him on that wall, you need him on that wall.

Brett Farve shows some humility.
Just when even I was beginning to think he's been a little too smug lately, he basically admits to the fans and the franchise that if the Packers suck again this season they need to get rid of him while they can still get something for him. And he says some other mostly optomistic stuff, but that's the part that caught my attention. I'm a loyal fan but they just did not do enuff in the offseason to get over the hump. I'm interested to see what his attitude is like come that last game in December.

How'd I do Shanhoff (or anyone else who cares to comment)?

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