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I'm introducing a new feature to this blog, I'm calling it History vs. HIStory. Every week I'm going to try to highlight a different obscure fact or topic in Pan-African history by posting a link to a credible information source related to the topic. The links will be about stuff that is definitely not covered in the average high school history class. I think I will start with the Mau Mau's because I just watched 'Bamboozled' again last night (a very underrated Spike Lee movie that was not hyped up in the media, I wonder why;)) and I love that part of the story line. Hopefully this new feature will start sparking some debate and information exchange around this piece.

Fantasy Footballers have you checked out YouTube's Fantasy Files where potential NFL fantasy picks showcase their talents? Even if you don't use it for consideration on your draft choices it is must see. Check out Jason Campbell's file

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