Yi has no nuts

Are you as tired of all this talk about whether Yi Jianlin will play for the Milwaukee Bucks as I am? (If you're not a sports fan bear with me, I told you there would be sports posts) First of all I hate that the Bucks chose him when there were other equally if not more talented players available who would have fit better with their team philosophy and would not have pitched a bitch about being picked by them (Corey Brewer would have been an excellent fit: he can play the 2 or 3 or the 1 in a pinch and he can defend. With a lineup of Moe Williams, Redd, Brewer, Charlie Villanueva, and Bogut we wouldn't have set peoples expectations on fire but we would have been a lot better than people thought we could be.) Anyway they f'ed up and now the fans have to deal with this probably at least all the way to November.

I'll just go on record now as saying that Yi will never suit up in a Bucks uniform. I believe Herb Kohl (Buck's owner) is dumb enuff to let Larry Harris (general manager) handle this. I believe Harris and the Chinese government are both stubborn enough to let this play out however it will. And I don't believe that Yi has the balls to put a stop to any of this.

I read this info online where I don't remember ( I would credit the source if I could remember, maybe SI orDC Blog) but it seems the situation with Yao Ming when he was drafted by the Houston Rockets was very similar to what are seeing with Yi with one major difference, Yao stood up for himself. Seems Yao's Chinese Basketball Association team and the Chinese government weren't to keen on the idea of him playing in Houston which is not exactly known for their Asian-American population. This matters more than the casual sports fan might think because in order for Yao to play over here he had to be released by his CBA team. Story goes that the Chinese were prepared to hold Yao out a year to go to a city they deemed better, but Yao has a very strong personality and basically stood up for himself and forced his release. He is very aware of the influence he has as a major icon in China and realized he had to take a stand not only for himself but for any future Chinese atheletes that might find themselves in a similar situation. Sadly, apparently Yi does not have quite the same spunk and will allow himself to be steered in which ever direction his "handlers" choose to lead him. In which case I say who needs him, I said the guy had "BUST" written on his forehead when they first started mentioning him in the pre-draft hype and this makes me even more sure that whatever team he ends up with it will be on the bench and then out of the league.

Can we get some veteran talent for him first though?

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