Soul Shout Out

I must make a post as an appendix to my post the other day on my list of the best m.c.s of all time in honor of the widely reported death of real hip-hop. Gotta include a list of honorable mention emcees who coulda made the list but in my mind, for one reason or another, could not pass the ones I put in the top ten:

Pharohe Monche, Q-Tip, Too Short (longevity + he knows what he's good at and sticks too it), Ras Kass (incomplete body of work), MC Ren (real backbone of NWA), Scarface, G.U.R.U, Ghostface Killa, Grand Puba, Slick Rick (master storyteller), AG, Kool Keith, Lord Finesse, OC, Chuck D, Snoop I considered because no one else could get away with remaking 'La Di Da Di' (and get the personal blessing of Slick Rick), Bizmarkie (took beat boxing to another level). That's all off the top of my head, tell me who I left off.

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