Greetings to Web World Wide! (and this Blogfrica I keep hearing about)

Hello and what's going on! This post is the formal coming out for my new blog The Rogue Hour. It's my first stab at blogging so I'm pretty excited. I'm a big computer geek among other things and I spend a great deal of time around them at home and work so I've had the opportunity to visit a lot of blogs (most of my favourite are sports related: Deadspin, The Big Lead, Dan Shanhoff, Nation of Islam Sports Blog, HoopsHype, KissingSuzyKolber) and I've noticed that most of them start their original post with some sort of explanation of why they feel the need to press their views to the world in the form of a blog, so here goes mine.

As stated in my profile I'm a northener who went to school down south where I had a lot of adventures that helped form a lot of my somewhat radical ideas on the history of religion, politics, the concept of race, and the like. The name of this blog, TheRogueHour, comes from the name of our hip-hop group named Rogue State which I along with two other guys I met in college formed back in 1996 (which by the way I'm sure dates us before the hundreds of other groups calling themselves Rogue State that I pulled up with a MySpace search, I'm just saying we been in the mix). My hope is for this blog to become a collaborative effort between my current bandmates and whoever else that we know who might want to weigh in with a guest blog, we know lots of intelligent people who can offer stimulating discussion of a variety of topics. It will be one of our ways to get our messages out to the masses, especially those who are members of the African diaspora, because we believe many are in a state of slumber from which they must be awakened. So I feel like there has been enough talking about doing something and this is our way of just doing something. Who knows if anyone will actually read this blog full of our rants but I feel if we can stimulate some constructive dialog about real issues facing us as a people in this nation with just one person mission accomplished.

In addition I am a unabashed Green Bay Packer, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, University of Wisconsin, Marquette University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee fan and will talk about a lot of sports here (I think my next post will have something about the Bucks idiotic decision to draft a guy who will never touch an NBA regular season floor in a Bucks uniform). So welcome to our blog, please feel free to post comments (even if they're negative it's all good for me cause of the experience).

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