Couple of Things

Sorry for the gap in between posts ( I would like to have a post a day at least but alas like many bloggers I have other responsibilities). But I have a few today because part of the reason for the delay is that I could not decide which one of the issues running thru my mind to post on. First of all have you heard about what's going on in Zimbabwe? Check it out

Basically the president Robert Mugabe is tired of his country having a western style economy (read capitalistic) and is trying to move to something closer to communism. Definitely an issue that every member of the African diaspora should be aware of. Also interesting, according to some reports the U.S. government may have had a hand in his rise to power over 20 years ago and currently the Bush administration has approved measures for economic sanctions to be leveled against Mugabe and his administration freezing their asset in America and forbidding Americans from engaging in any financial transactions or dealings with them, shocking.

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