Bring it on Illuminate

I have been remiss in not mentioning a stirring documentary I had the pleasure to stumble upon several weeks ago. Any one who happens to read this site probably has already heard of it: 'Loose Change'. For those who haven't heard of it 'Loose Change' is about 9/11 and the evidence that fuels the conspiracy theories alledging that the U.S. government was behind the attacks. But it doesn't come off like the deranged ramblings of some fringe lunatic, there was obviously great effort taken in researching their allegations and you can tell it was put together very thoughtfully. I came across it while looking for info on another documentary type movie that I happened to see that talked about how the government was behind 9/11 in the context of how it related to the coming of The New World Order.

I know deep right? And in this film they were breaking it all the way down from how 1/3 of the world's population already has microchips implanted in their being to how the groups behind all of this are right in front of our faces. Truly rogue mentality. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name or who made it because I stumbled in after the beginning and immediately after it concluded a debate ensued amongst the watchers about the topics brought up. And plus I had been on the way somewhere else and stopped to watch it because it was that attention grabbing, so I couldn't stay. But I will find out the name of that documentary and where to get it. The narrartor sounded a lot like the guy in 'Loose Change' so I was hoping it was by the same people but I haven't been able to find it again yet. But I'll keep you posted. Oh and if anyone knows the film I'm talking about hook me up.

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