Alive and well

"Just another case of the BLACK MAN in sports proving he is not worth anymore now that he is making large amounts of money then he was when living in the "HOOD" selling drugs & stealing anything he could get his hands on. VICK is a prick & always has been & always will be. And Atanta is onlyu worried about the money they will loose or have to pay out. Neither Vick or the Falcons have any morals when it come to money. I hope Vick rots in hell with dogs biting his ass allthe time & takes that no count sorry asss brother of his with him. They are both nothing more then LOSERS. Always have been & always will be. . "

Just wanted to remind anybody who happens to peruse this site that the mind set of racism is alive and well in the U.S. of A. I saw this post on the Fanhouse blog at AOL. Click on the link and check out some of the other posts these rednecks put on there. I'm not so naive as to think that race is no longer a big issue in our culture, but the number of undercover and blatant racists out there just waiting to crucify Vick amazes even me. If a white athelete was accused of this it would never generate the type or amount of negative responses that the Vick case has. And don't get it totally twisted, this isn't just about that he's black (there have been other less famous black atheletes caught up by the law over dogfighting i.e. Nate Newton, LaShon Johnson, Qyntel Woods) it's that he's black, has a lot of money, and little white kids idolize him. The last one is what these crackers really can't stand.

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